IFA call for Fertiliser Price drop

The IFA have called for the trade to pass a drop in fertiliser prices.

Lamb markets still booming

The lamb trade remains good with a strong demand still.

Cattle trade remaining strong

IFA National Livestock chairman, Angus Woods, says cattle trade remains strong with tops of €4.30 per kilo for heifers

Lamb market update

IFA National Sheep chairman says lamb trade remains at strong level.

Cattle prices still on the up

Angus Woods provides an update on this weeks cattle prices.

Partners? Co-op on!

Retailers costing farmers and co-ops almost €11 billion each year.

Enda an era!

With the news of Enda Kenny's impending departure, the President of the IFA had a few words for the outgoing leader.

IFA renege levy repayment promises

Ireland's tillage farmers are understandably upset today, after the IFA have taken back promises to pay back compulsory levies imposed on them.

Farmers urged to attend Glanbia meeting

The president of the IFA, Joe Healy, has urged all farmers to attend Glanbia's upcoming meeting, or risk being left by the wayside.

Extension made to Knowledge Transfer deadline

The Department of Agriculture have announced the extension of the Knowledge Transfer fund by a further two months.

€25m increase to ANC scheme payments

Joe Brady has announced that confirmation has been received of increase to Ireland's ANC payments.

Fertiliser prices to fall by approx. €30 per tonne

John Coughlan, IFA inputs Project Team Chairman, has warned farmers to shop around due to price falls on the market.

Employment Permits needed to solve labour shortages.

The IFA call for the extending employment permits to help solve labour shortage problem.

IFA National Hill Sheep Forum announced

A new National Hill Sheep Forum has been announced by the IFA’s new president, Joe Healy.