Horse Guide: A Guide to Sycamore seed Poisoning.

After this year saw the first ever case of sycamore seed poisoning recorded, we give you a guide on signs, treatments and preventatives.

Horse Guide: A guide to Equine influenza

This week ahead of the fast approaching winter we look at Equine Influenza, its causes, symptoms and prevention's.

Former Taoiseach and horse enthusiast has died

The death of Liam Cosgrave, a former Taoiseach, was confirmed yesterday evening.

Organic Farming: Ploughing with Horses, Hand-Milked Cows & Local Veg

In the next of our organic series, we chat to Eamonn; a Mayo farmer with a uniquely natural farm:

10 ways you can tell you’re a horse nut!

Do you always attend the RDS? Own a massive collection of horse books? Check out this week’s 10 ways you can tell!

Young Farmers: Meet Shane Maher, a man with no farm at home, now working with pigs every day!

On this week’s young series we spoke with Shane Maher, who is taking the agricultural science by the scruff of it’s neck.

Animal Welfare: Jockey who violently punched horse given 4 day ban

The incident referred to as punchgate has lead to the star jockey getting a 4 day ban but its left many calling for a stronger sentence.

VIDEO - Women in Ag: Meet Kirstie McAdoo, who helps runs a farm in the middle of Dublin city!

VIDEO: In this week's Women in Ag, we meet Kirstie McAdoo, a city girl now helping to run Airfield Estate Farm in Dublin.

Horse Guide: How to load your horse properly

On this week’s Horse Guide we give you the correct ways to load your horse.