Suckler cows up to €1,700 in Headford

Smaller sale in Headford, though Dry cows made up to €1,500.

Bullocks make up to €1,520 in Headford Mart

A great big sale in Headford, with over 300 cattle and 1650 sheep on offer.

Tops of €1,840 for bullock in Headford mart july 22nd

Great sale in Headford today as bullocks made up to tops of €1,840.

Headford Mart cattle and sheep sale

Bullocks make up to €1,110 in Headford mart yesterday July 15th.

Headford Market Report

Another good days trading in Headford as Bullocks make up to tops of E1,880.

Headford Mart Market report July 1st

Over 250 cattle on offer in Headford yesterday, with bullocks making up to E1,045 over the kg.

Headford Mart Report 24th June

Over 250 cattle on offer in Headford this weekend gone by, with tops of E1,350 in the heifer ring.

Headford Mart June 17th

Suckler cows make up to €1,550 in Headford mart on June 17th

Headford Mart Report June 10

Great trade again on all types of stock, with tops of E1,570 in the bullock ring.

Headford Mart report June 3rd: Cattle and Sheep sales

Another great day’s trading in Headford, with tops of €1,400 for one bullock.

Headford Cattle and Sheep sale Mart Report 27th May

Great Trade again in Headford Mart this week with Bullocks making up to €960 over the kg.

Headford mart report 20th May

Full clearance of sheep in Headford this week.