Future Farming: MagGrow, the magnetic spraying system, reducing waste through spraying crops.

On Future Farming this week, we look at an exciting new spraying system, available to Irish farmers.

Future Farming: Colorado farmers to trial hemp feed with livestock

Early in 2017 a bill was passed in Colorado, USA, which will now allow farmers to trial hemp feed on livestock.

Future Farming: Home Pregnancy test science to detect crop disease?

This week we hear about the home-pregnancy test, currently being trialed to detect disease in crops.

WATCH - Future Farming: Japanese University paving way for autonomous tractors, with the first fully-operating fleet.

This week on future farming, we are all about autonomous tractors and the Japanese paving the way for the future, as reported by futurefarming.com.

Future Farming: Amazon has a patent for a new system to help you grow your veg, better!

This week we look at the patent, received by Amazon for a new service to help gardeners at home.

Science Week:: Spiders venom, The future of insecticides?

As part of our Science Week coverage each day we take a look at some great science in the farming sector.