Watch - Future Farming - Virtual Fencing

Vence, a company created in New Zealand, have released a design which is set to revolutionize agriculture, the virtual fencing system. Read more about it below.

Watch - Future Farming - Flamethrower weed control

On this week’s future farming we have yet another top-quality piece of agri-tech making waves in the industry, flame weeding.

Future Farming - Cockroach milk? Really?

With many consumers looking for alternative dairy alternatives, scientists reckon they have found the latest milk superfood and it is produced by cockroaches!

Future Farming - Floating Dutch dairy farm

Construction work is underway on the world’s first ever dairy farm, built on water! Read all about it in this week’s future farming series below!

Future Farming: MagGrow, the magnetic spraying system, reducing waste through spraying crops.

On Future Farming this week, we look at an exciting new spraying system, available to Irish farmers.

Future Farming: Colorado farmers to trial hemp feed with livestock

Early in 2017 a bill was passed in Colorado, USA, which will now allow farmers to trial hemp feed on livestock.

Future Farming: Home Pregnancy test science to detect crop disease?

This week we hear about the home-pregnancy test, currently being trialed to detect disease in crops.

WATCH - Future Farming: Japanese University paving way for autonomous tractors, with the first fully-operating fleet.

This week on future farming, we are all about autonomous tractors and the Japanese paving the way for the future, as reported by

Future Farming: Amazon has a patent for a new system to help you grow your veg, better!

This week we look at the patent, received by Amazon for a new service to help gardeners at home.