Science Week:: Spiders venom, The future of insecticides?

As part of our Science Week coverage each day we take a look at some great science in the farming sector.

Future Farming: The wonders of the self fertilizing crops

On this week’s future farming we look into a new way of making life easier for farmers, the self-fertilizing crops.

Future Farming: WATCH - PEF-P - Food processing advances could treble product shelf life.

Recent advances in food processing science, PEF-P, could now mean the trebling of a product's shelf life. Watch above video of the process in action, courtesy of Three Straight Lines.

Future Farming: The Mobile Abattoir

This week on future farming, we look into a new concept announced to the Australian agricultural industry last week, the mobile abattoir. Pictured above the blueprint for the abattoir design, courtesy of abc Australia.

Future Farming: Introducing the FytoStick

On this week’s look into the future tech of farming we profile a nifty little gadget, only very new to the market.

Future Farming: The future of seeding

On this week’s future farming we take a look at the new release from Spaldings, The electric-drive air seeder.

Future Farming: Lely Vector- the automatic feeding robot

This week on Future farming we take a in depth look at an automated feeding robot sweeping the farming world, The Lely Vector.

Future Farming: Automated weeding Robot - Oz

On this week’s future farming we have a look at Naio Technologies New Robot Weeding Machine, Oz.

Future Farming

On this week’s future farming we take a look at new seed drill and spreader tech, as well as a new positive steering system to be released in Ireland