WATCH - Future Farming - The John Deere HarvestLab 3000

On this week’s future series, we profile the latest piece of technology to come from machinery giants John Deere, the HarvestLab 3000. Continue reading below.

WATCH - Future Farming - The anti-trailer theft device

On this week’s Future , we have an anti-theft device, made especially for livestock trailers. Read all about it below or check out the above video, courtesy of Wuli.

Watch - Future Farming - Virtual Fencing

Vence, a company created in New Zealand, have released a design which is set to revolutionize agriculture, the virtual fencing system. Read more about it below.

Watch - Future Farming - Flamethrower weed control

On this week’s future farming we have yet another top-quality piece of agri-tech making waves in the industry, flame weeding.

Future Farming - Cockroach milk? Really?

With many consumers looking for alternative dairy alternatives, scientists reckon they have found the latest milk superfood and it is produced by cockroaches!

Future Farming - Floating Dutch dairy farm

Construction work is underway on the world’s first ever dairy farm, built on water! Read all about it in this week’s future farming series below!