10 myths that people think about farming families

Farming families are very rich, don’t work on a Sunday & relationships between members are always trouble-free? Check out this week’s 10 myths!

You've Goat to be kidding me

A goat takes over a local police car, and let's officers know who's boss.

Leitrim Takes centre stage, with new out there Competition

Leitrim county have another unusual competition underway, the Leitrim Scarecrow Competition.

Meet DJ Chris P Bacon

This one was sent onto us by Matt Smith, This is the world's hottest DJ at the moment, talk about putting on a show!!

Best of the Week - Funnier videos you will not find!

On this week's Best of the Week, we have some of the funniest videos form the week....And they are funny!

Start Horsing around with this quiz

Find out which horse breed best suits you with our fun little quiz, quit horsing around and do it already!!

Happy beef!

Check out this hilarious video I stumbled upon the other day, The beef's smiling anyway!

ThatsFarming Best of the Week.

On this week's installment we take some of the funniest videos sent into us this week!!

10 ways you can tell...The mart is just brilliant!

On this week's ten ways you can tell, we look at the 10- reasons which make the mart just awesome!

ThatsFarming Best Of The Week: Livestock Laughter

On this week's Best of The week we stick to the livestock theme, and I must say we received some absolute Gems this week!

Personality Quiz: What tractor suits you?

Find out what tractor best suits you with this fun little quiz. Go on it won't kill ya!

Thats Farming Best of the Week June

Check out these hilarious videos and pictures we got in this week!

Friday Funnies: Silage Fails

On this week's Friday funnies we stick to the silage theme, seeing as the season is in full swing.

Is it a Tiger? Is it a Rhino?Surely its not a cow!

We got this funny video sent into us from Ailish Powell on our snapchat, Have you ever heard the likes!

Just in "Case" you thought you were an expert!

Try out our fun quiz to see how your general knowledge on Case is.

Are you Shear-ious?

A Kildare Barber has gone viral for cutting hair with a pair of sheep shears.