TF podcast: Jp McMahon on bringing the worlds best chefs together for Food on the Edge

Award winning chef JP McMahon joins us ahead of the Food on the Edge Festival to tell us about bringing the worlds chefs together in Galway.

Major Food Investigation exposes UK meat supplier lying about kill dates, unsafe hygiene and repacking returned portions

The investigation has exposed unsafe hygiene practices, altering kill dates and repackaging returned meat.

Animal Welfare: The Do's and Don'ts

With the recent extended talk on animal welfare issues in the country, we give you a list of do's and don'ts when it comes to keeping your animals.

The Belgians kept this information quiet!

This revelation comes as a shock to many. Read the full update.

Sunday Feature: The humble bee is making a recovery in the US and it’s a help for us all

In this week's Sunday Feature, we look at the welcoming increase of honeybee populations.

All roads lead to the 68th Bonniconlon Agricultural Show!

With the 68th Bonniconlon Show just around the corner, we have some very exciting news!

Millions of eggs recalled over dangerous levels of toxic chemicals inside

Millions of eggs have been recalled from around Europe after it was discovered they contained high levels of a toxic insecticide banned for human consumption.

10 ways you can tell, Farmers don't give a Sh*t!

On this weeks "10 ways you can tell" we give 10 ways to tell they really don't give two 'fecks'!