Farmer Focus: Meet John Paul & Noreen O' Callaghan of Cois Laoi Speckle Park!

Catherina meets John Paul and Noreen O' Callaghan who are breeding Speckle Park for half a decade now!

Junior Farmers: Meet Matthew the 5th generation dairy farmer from Cork

16 year old Matthew loves helping out at home and plans to expand his families dairy farm to 110 cows in the near future.

Getting Winter Ready: Winter Ready your tractor

In part 2 of our getting winter ready series we look at your most useful vehicle the tractor and just how to get the big machine ready for the months ahead.

Farmer Focus: Meet James Casey of Cnocnaratha Droimeann

Catherina meets James Casey, a man that has been breeding Droimeann cattle for one decade now.

Minding your mental health on World Suicide day

Its world suicide day and as part of our coverage we're talking about mental health today. These small tips might help if youa re feeling overwhelmed - remember its ok not to feel ok.

Ireland’s Vets: Meet Ollie Keane of Cloghan Veterinary Clinic

Catherina speaks to Ollie Keane, the vet who performed a miracle on a lamb with a rare ectopic heart condition.

Farmer Focus: Meet Colin Duffy of Kilgarvin Angus!

Catherina speaks to Colin Duffy, a breeder of Aberdeen Angus cattle for a decade now.

Ireland’s Vets: Orla O’Connor of Glenamaddy Veterinary Clinic

Catherina speaks to Orla O’Connor, one of four vets from Glenamaddy Veterinary Clinic.

Agri Biz of the Week: Meet the family behind the award-winning Glastry Farm Ice-cream

Catherina speaks to a family dairy farming since 1856 and producing ice-cream for a decade now.

Sunday Feature: We can save the Curlew and here is how!

In this week’s Sunday Feature, we look at one of Ireland’s most iconic birds; the Curlew.

My Grazing Week: On ABC Grazing

Andrew is back with the next installment of My Grazing Week and milk yield is starting to decline.

My Grazing Week: Summer on ABC Robotic Grazing

Andrew Walsh is back with the popular My Grazing Week and this week he's troubleshooting some common problems on the farm and there's a lesson in it for all of us.

Horse Breeder of the Week: Meet the family managing a Stud & Bloodstock Enterprise

A powerful group of women are currently running the show in Kildare. Read the full interview.

Why are Vintage tractors so popular?

Everywhere you go it's likely you will see at least one vintage tractor on your travels. We look into why classic, vintage tractors seem to be almost as popular as new machines.

My Grazing Week Summer Series on ABC Robotic Grazing

Andrew Walsh is back from his travels in Australia and so begins the summer series of our popular feature.