Spuds in Space!

Yep a new study is trying to see if we could grow potatoes on Mars. Tom Jordan has the latest on this sci fi spud story.

Future Farming: Glasshouses that generate their own electricity will change farming forever

Caroline reports on the breakthrough development of Glasshouse glass that produces its own electricity and how it will change farming as we know it.

Forgotten Farmers: Brussels is not to blame and the money is there, so please no more excuses Minister

Tom Jordan shares his thoughts on today's announcement of funding for the National Reserve and on those who will not benefit from it.

Future Farming: The Pig/Human Hybrid

We’ve got a new series to wrap your head around Future Farming. It’s a technology and science section that will provide you with all the best and most exciting discoveries and innovations in farming. This week its a strange tale from the lab.

Zero Emissions tractors? Could they be the way of the future.

With countries now calling for zero emission cities could the humble tractor be up for a major environmental re-think?

Farmers Diary: Enjoying the calm before the storm on Darragh's dairy farm

Darragh is getting ready for a busy spring on his family dairy farm in Mayo.

Are we losing our best farm land to urban sprawl?

Some of Ireland's best farm land is being chewed up by urban sprawl starting in Dublin and working its way West. Tom Jordan takes a look at this worrying issue.

Results: 79% worried about future of farming sector in 2017

Our Big Farming Poll 2017 results are in and it's some interesting reading.

Sunday Feature: What does the future hold for farmers in 2017?

Tom Jordan takes a look back over a tough year globally and in his first sunday Feature of 2017 asks where to next?

Women in Ag: Meet Aileen, the Agri-Marketing Expert!

In the next of our series, we chat to Aileen, whose agri-knowledge and marketing skills make her a force to be reckoned with!

Tuesday Quiz: Are you a Simmental expert?

It's Tuesday you know the drill. Want to take on the quiz and see if you are a master of the Simmental breed?

Opinion: Industrial Agriculture is coming and the beef industry is in its sights

Industrial agriculture will change the face of Ireland and its closer than you think.

80% believe BDGP program is poorly delivered

Startling figures from our readers poll into the BDGP program reveals majority of farmers think the initiative has been poorly delivered.