10 ways you can tell when you’re kicking ass at farming

Its time for our ever popular 10 ways you can tell...and this week its all about kicking ass as a farmer!

Hereford premier sale tops €5200 in Tullamore

Edward Dudley's been at the Hereford premier sale with some really fantastic prices on the day.

Editorial: A united Ireland needs to happen and farmers will benefit

Thats Farming Editor John Connell shares his thoughts on a united Ireland and how it could help farmers all across the island.

Opinion: Brazilian meats scandal should benefit Irish farmers, but will it?

Tom Jordan shares his thoughts on the Brazilian meat scandal and how it might just help Irish farmers if we act quickly.

7 simple reasons why Irish beef is the best

In the wake of the Brazil meat scandal we thought we might take a moment to remember why Irish beef is the best.

Farmers Diary: New life amongst death

Farming is a way of life and sometimes it can be a great solace when human tragedy strikes.

Alpacas the best sheep guard dog you ever had!

Alpacas might not be well known as livestock guards but the strange South American animal is better than any guard dog!

Opinion: Scottish independence might benefit Irish Agriculture

Tom Jordan takes a look at what Scottish independence might mean for Irish agriculture.

Poll Results: 97% want Brazilian beef banned from EU

The people have spoken and spoken loudly with 97% of polled voters calling for a ban of Brazilian beef from the EU.

Pair of legends to drive 8000 km journey around Ireland and UK all in aid of charity

A pair of legends are set to drive around the coastline of Ireland and the UK to celebrate the birth of Henry Ford and are raising money to fight cancer along the way.

Video: 2 in a million! Double quintuplet lambs (10) born on Offaly farm

Just when the West thought it had the lamb record broken this year we’ve had a report of a 2 sets of quins (5 ) born on a farm in Offaly.

My Pedigree Week: Keeping up with Kilsunny

Edward Dudley is back with the popular My Pedigree Week and he's put his main herd out to grass at last!

Breaking: Article 50 to be triggered next Wednesday: Brexit is officially happening

Teresa May has announced that Article 50 will be triggered next Wednesday.

World Record smashed! NZ Farmer milks 5000 cows in 12 hours

A Kiwi dairy farmer has set a world record; milking 5000 cows in 12 hours.

Machinery Review: Rolland RF-C 4508

Stuart's back with Machinery review and this week he's been taking a look at the Rolland range and its new RF-C 4508 spreader.

Opinion: Get this crap out of Europe: Brazilian beef must go

It's time to pick sides and we need to support our beef farmers and let the world know that Brazilian beef is crap.