Video: Being Brilliant at the Basics - Colostrum

Being Brilliant at the Basics is here. Interchem Ireland and That's Farming bring you episode one of our new web series. This week its colostrum.

My Pedigree Week: Spring turnout

My Pedigree Week is back and Edward's having some trouble with Spring turnout!

Food Heroes: St. Tola Goat's cheese

This week's Food Heroes is all about cheese and we take a spin to County Clare to meet St. Tola's Irish goat cheese.

Spuds in Space!

Yep a new study is trying to see if we could grow potatoes on Mars. Tom Jordan has the latest on this sci fi spud story.

Longford Miracle: Cow gives birth to 5 calves!

The last time this happened was in 2011. We are amazed!

News Down Under: Farmer fined $1m for maintaining his fence line

An Australian grazier has been ordered to pay almost $1 million for clearing a bush fire break and maintaining his fence line.

Best of the Week: Speedy cow getaway!

Every week we get some great funny pics and videos in but this one made it hit of the week!

Beef Roundup: The importance of Fertilizer

Cormac is back with Beef Roundup and this week he is looking at that all important job; fertilizing.

My Grazing Week goes Down Under: The DeLaval Grassland Convention

Andrew Walsh is down under for the DeLaval Grassland convention in Tasmania. Here he reports on whats been a great week!

Vets Corner: Lamb survival

Tommy is back and this week's talk is an important one who to ensure your lambs get the best start in life. A sick lamb is a big no no.

Opinion: Veganism may not be the enemy of dairy farmers

After recent news of cafes banning dairy milk use Tom Jordan takes a look at the vegan movement and the dairy industry here.