Farmer Focus: Silverbrook Herd

Catherina meets John McEvoy who runs a commercial sheep enterprise & herd comprising of commercial & pedigree Charolais cattle in Co. Offaly.

Farmer Focus: Barry O’ Sullivan

Catherina meets Barry O’ Sullivan who runs a dairy enterprise in partnership with his parents in Co. Meath. The Ballyhaise Ag. College graduate has travelled to Australia & Saudi Arabia.

Farmer Focus: The Danagher Brothers

Catherina meets the Danagher brothers, Errill, Co. Laois who run a commercial and pedigree Charolais herd. The family finish 60% of the progeny on-farm.

Farmer Focus: Tom Keane

Catherina meets Tom Keane who runs one of Ireland’s largest herds of Droimeann cattle in Co. Limerick. Heis also actively involved in the Droimeann Cattle Society.

Farmer Focus: Jalex Herd

Catherina meets the Alexander family, who purchase; inseminate and sell top-quality commercial heifers are the upper end of the market.