Watch - Farm Hacks - Build a DIY pool on your farm!

Have you lots of pallets lying around the farm or other useful materials? Need relief from the warm weather? Keep reading to find out what you can do!

Farm Hacks: Turn an old vehicle into a chicken coop!

This week on Farm hacks, we have a full guide on how you can change an old run-down vehicle, into a top of the range chicken coop. Keep reading below for more!

Farm Hacks: The many uses for WD-40

On this week’s Farm Hacks, we look at some alternative uses for WD-40 spray. Read them all below!

Farm Hacks: Make your own Udder Balm!

This farm hack can save a bit of money, add a homemade touch to your day, and it even doubles up as a hand cream!

Farm Hacks: More alternative feeding troughs

At this stage, you are well aware that the list of expenses when farming, is ever-expanding. Check out some of our cheap DIY ways to feed your animals.

Farm Hacks: Need new facilities? Why not try DIY?

On this week’s instalment of Farm Hacks, we have a number of great little homemade farm facilities for you. It could save you a few bob! Read them below!

Farm Hacks: How to keep your drinking supplies, ice-free

This week it is all about ways to ensure your stocks drinking supply does not freeze over.

Farm Hacks: Forget about buying stuff in, what about building it yourself!

This week’s Farm Hacks focuses on how to save you money, by building it yourself.

Farm Hacks: The different bedding to use for your poultry.

This week the focus is on poultry and the alternative bedding one can house them with.