Farm Hacks: The many uses for WD-40

On this week’s Farm Hacks, we look at some alternative uses for WD-40 spray. Read them all below!

Farm Hacks: Make your own Udder Balm!

This farm hack can save a bit of money, add a homemade touch to your day, and it even doubles up as a hand cream!

Farm Hacks: More alternative feeding troughs

At this stage, you are well aware that the list of expenses when farming, is ever-expanding. Check out some of our cheap DIY ways to feed your animals.

Farm Hacks: Need new facilities? Why not try DIY?

On this week’s instalment of Farm Hacks, we have a number of great little homemade farm facilities for you. It could save you a few bob! Read them below!

Farm Hacks: How to keep your drinking supplies, ice-free

This week it is all about ways to ensure your stocks drinking supply does not freeze over.

Farm Hacks: Forget about buying stuff in, what about building it yourself!

This week’s Farm Hacks focuses on how to save you money, by building it yourself.

Farm Hacks: The different bedding to use for your poultry.

This week the focus is on poultry and the alternative bedding one can house them with.

Farm Hacks: Alternative uses for wool- Part 1

Farm hacks is back and this week it's all things wool. Not getting enough for your wool? Check out these alternatives for your sheep’s coat.

Farm Hacks: Defrost your Tractor doors easily!

Our next hack is simple, easy, and cheap. Perfect for bitterly cold mornings!

Farm Hacks: Peat Moss is the new Bedding!

Our farm hack is back. Have you ever considered using peat moss as a bedding material for your farm?