€13.6 million for 96,000 farmers

Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed TD, announced yesterday the payment of €13.6 million to farmers through BPS scheme.

Details released show which Irish farmers are the best paid.

The Department released figures showing Ireland's highest earners in subsidy payments.

Ireland top performers in use of antibiotics on farms

At today's MSD Animal Health conference in Dublin we heard from Fergal Morris, who talked about Ireland being near the bottom of antibiotic use in animals league.

Enda an era!

With the news of Enda Kenny's impending departure, the President of the IFA had a few words for the outgoing leader.

Ming welcomes new trade deals

Luke Ming Flanagan welcomes the announcement of the negotiation of new trade deals by the European Court of Justice.

Minus 10%?

EU farm payments could see a 10% drop in rates post-Brexit.

Fertiliser prices to fall by approx. €30 per tonne

John Coughlan, IFA inputs Project Team Chairman, has warned farmers to shop around due to price falls on the market.

EU commission begin adopting negotiation guidelines for Brexit.

With all the recent talk and debates over Brexit, EU member states have released a negotiation directive to help prepare for the UK's exit.

Family Farm Model key to success of Rural Ireland

EU Parliament endorsement of Family Farm model must be followed up with Government & Commission actions

Fertilizers & emissions: Maximising efficiency by reducing Nitrous Oxide emissions

Ireland has been somewhat vilified for falling behind EU targets but how can we maximise efficiency while reducing emissions?

Brazilian meat discussion in the European Parliament

Will Brazilian meat be removed from the trade agenda? Caroline Keane takes a look:

Glyphosate: MEPs seek delay in relicensing as US court reveals manipulation

A group of European MEPs, including Nessa Childers, are asking the EU not to renew the licence for glyphosate - More here

World's most widely used insecticides may be banned in EU to save bee's

Europe may soon have a total ban on the globe’s most widely used insecticides to prevent bee deaths.

Opinion: Brazilian meats scandal should benefit Irish farmers, but will it?

Tom Jordan shares his thoughts on the Brazilian meat scandal and how it might just help Irish farmers if we act quickly.