Sunday Feature: Does Ireland have a real Climate change strategy?

Ireland has the ability to be a climate change leader but are we doing enough? Tom Jordan takes a look in this week's Sunday Feature.

The challenges of climate change for Ireland's farmers

Ireland's agriculture emissions are the highest in Europe but a climate conference is meeting this week to discuss different methods to tackle the threat of climate change.

Sunday Feature: Agroforestry may well be the future of Agriculture

Forestry and farming working together may well be a new and future way to farm for tomorrow.

Organic Farming: Which Organic Body should I choose?

Which organic certification group should you go with? There are a few main ones to choose from:

Sunday Feature: Land reclamation, where conservation and productivity aims collide

Tom Jordan looks at the current debate around land reclamation and see's how nature is suffering as a result.

Glyphosate: Precaution versus Risk- The last word

Tom Jordan has his final say on the fractious issue of glyphosate which has caused much debate with That's Farming readers.

TF Podcast: Risteard O'Domhnaill, Director of Atlantic and bearing witness to the super trawlers

Director of the Pipe and Atlantic Ristread O'Domhnaill joins us for today's TF Podcast. Here he talks about the death of our fishing industry and the dangers of over fishing.

Sunday Feature: Wind Power can provide much of our energy, but only if developers play fair

Wind power can and is a great clean energy source for Ireland but only if its implemented properly.

Slurry Spreading for 2017 to open next week

Slurry spreading to open for certain areas of the country from next week.