Sunday Feature: Is Dublin taking our best people?

With the CAO offers out, we ask is Dublin taking our best people from us and how can rural Ireland fight back to keep them.

Current average rent nationwide sits at €1,159

The report found that there are fewer than 3,000 properties for rent nationally.

Heartland: We need broadband for rural Ireland.

This week we delve into why we really need broadband for rural Ireland, and fast. 

More blood

The head of education in Teagasc wants more younger farmers in the industry.

Too little? Minister says Teagasc will offer 1000 Green Cert courses this year.

A case of too little too late? As the Minister said in the Dail this week that an additional 1000 Green Cert Courses would be offered by Teagasc.

Opinion: Schemes must be flexible to allow young farmers to complete Green Certs

Tom Jordan takes a look at the Teagasc Green Cert backlog and lets us know his thoughts.