Unlucky for some, 13

Laois farmer loses 13 sheep to dog attacks.

Tipperary woman found guilty of animal cruelty

She was ordered to pay a total of €1,108 in veterinary costs, €1000 legal costs and was fined €2500.

Farmer shoots dogs from hunt party and calls members ‘British Bastards’

A Limerick farmer was before the courts this week over shooting hunting dogs and abusing hunt members.

Sheep Guide Part 7: Attacks

In the next of our comprehensive sheep guide, we look at the ten ways you can deal with a dog attack on your flock:

Poll: Should farmers be allowed to shoot trespassing dogs no matter what?

Read our analysis of the issue here, and make your own opinion known:

Dog viciously attacks Ram Lamb on UK farm

The ram was attacked on Sunday July 3rd. *Warning: Graphic images are featured within that some readers may find distressing*