Former Minister for Agriculture passes away.

The Former Minister for Agriculture, Austin Deasy, passed away over the weekend.

Farmers Diary: New life amongst death

Farming is a way of life and sometimes it can be a great solace when human tragedy strikes.

Farmers Diary: Dealing with death on the farm

This week’s farmers diary is about something that every farmer hates but is a reality of farm life.

Murder most foul. Gardai start investigation into death of farmer (90)

A murder investigation has now been launched into the death of a 90 year old Waterford farmer.

Farm deaths: Overconfidence is Killing Us, Not Inexperience

Will more hands-on programmes, obligatory safety passes, and a change in attitude get rid of the denial surrounding farm safety?

Man dies in Galway Farm Accident

The second accident this week.

Poll: Should walkers and ramblers be allowed on your lands?

Following the recent UK death of a rambler by attacking cows we want to know your thoughts.

Farmer dies in Tipperary accident

The accident occurred yesterday evening.

Farm safety its starts with You

As we bring you live coverage today from the National Conference on Farm Health & Safety conference today we take a look at farm safety and how to prevent accidents.