Dairy Update: Choosing culls, Sowing beet, Zerograzing and more!

This week on Brian's farm they look at culling some of the herd, while also trying to get zerograzing. We also have a new addition this week, with Aran battling to get sugar beet sown.

Dairy Update: Cow with displaced abomasum this week!

More slurry has gone out this week on Louise's farm, with the search on for more silage to purchase. Read all about it below!

Dairy Update: Fodder shortage continues, Mastitis and battle for grass

This week, more calves are sold on Louise's farm as they also battle to source silage with cows still housed, Brian meanwhile manages to get slurry out with four cows left to calf. Read about their week below!

Dairy Update: Battle to get slurry out

More calves born on the farms of Brian and Louise as they look to get slurry and fertiliser out, to try and get grass growth up.

Dairy Update: What’s on the agenda this week?

Every week, we get updates from the of Brian Galvin and Louise Crowley. Find out what happened this week, by reading below!

Dairy Update: More from Brian’s and Louise’s farm.

What happened on the farms of Brian Galvin and Louise Crowley the past week? Whats on the agenda for the coming week? Read it all below!

Dairy Update: Whats going on in farms across Ireland?

It's back and it's been remastered. From now on, the dairy update will involve updates from dairy farms from across the country. Read what happened this week below!

Dairy Update: The battle against Foot rot

On this week’s Dairy update, we help tackle the nuisance problem that is Foot rot.

Dairy Update: Maximizing Grassland Potential

In this week's update we take a look at grassland management and just why its so important.

Dairy Update: Tips on what to do after calving

This week's Dairy Update focuses on the top tips for after calves arrive on the farm.

Dairy Update: Body Condition after calving

This week's Dairy update is all about the importance of ensuring your cattle have a good body condition score after calving. It could, as you know, affect milk production!

Dairy Update: Recent GDT sees overall decline of -3.9%

The recent Global Dairy Trade auction has seen an overall decline of almost 4%.

Dairy Update: Three things you need to do after calving

This week's Dairy Update may just save a calves life at this time of year. Read it and stay ahead of the curve.

Dairy Update: FrieslandCampina cut milk prices for December

Dutch dairy company, FrieslandCampina, have announced they have cut their December milk prices.

Dairy Update: Glanbia, Kerry and Lakelands hold October Milk Prices

Glanbia and Lakeland Dairies have confirmed today that they will hold milk prices paid for October supplies.

Dairy Update: Calves and Milk Replacer

In the next Dairy Update, we look into feeding your new calves, and how to know if your milk replacer is good quality: