Student Focus: Gavin Brady

Catherina meets Gavin Brady from Ballinagh, Co. Cavan, a dairy farmer and former student of Ballyhaise Agricultural College who is currently completing a Diploma in Dairy Herd Management.

Women in Ag: Anne Kelleher

Catherina speaks to Anne Kelleher, a Teagasc Walshfellow who has a keen interest in Parasitology. Anne is a fifth-generation dairy sheep farmer in the Rebel County.

Video - Dairy Farmer Increases Milk Yields By 8% with Eornagold

Dan and Bernie were looking at ways to improve efficiency in their dairy herd, step forward Specialist Nutrition and their Eornagold product. Watch the video to find out more about the product or read more below!

Stuart Says: It rains in Ireland more than we thought

'What I find bewildering is that there were not more people vocally questioning the dairy sectors expansion strategy.The tragedy is that the Irish industry has now heavily invested in commodity markets for which its farming base'- Stuart is back!

Women in Ag: Jade Fielding

Catherina meets Jade Fielding, a 23-year-old student who took the scenic route when it came to pursuing a career in Agriculture. Jade is studying a Level-6 Cert in Dairy Herd Management.

Women in Ag: Emma Sherlock

Catherina meets Emma Sherlock, a WIT Ag Science student & tillage and dairy farmer from the Rebel County.

Women in Ag: Aisling Neville

21-year-old WIT student and dairy farmer Aisling Neville runs a 240-cow herd with her family. The Offaly native has also experienced immense success on the show circuit.

Women in Ag: Caroline O’Keeffe

Catherina meets Caroline O’Keeffe, a 21-year Dairy Business student who has recently returned from milking 1,300 cows in New Zealand. She runs a herd of 100 dairy cows with her parents.

Dairy Update: Maximizing Grassland Potential

In this week's update we take a look at grassland management and just why its so important.

Dairy Update: Three things you need to do after calving

This week's Dairy Update may just save a calves life at this time of year. Read it and stay ahead of the curve.

VIDEO: Tommy Does Denmark Part 1

We join Tommy Heffernan on Tommy does Denmark Part 1 where Tommy's journey is just beginning!

My Grazing Week: Winter 3 - Being cost-effective and Eco friendly

My Grazing week is back and this week Andrew is looking at how to be cost-effective and eco-friendly as all his stock are housed for the winter.

My Grazing Week: Winter 2 Going for gold in milk production

Andrew Walsh is back with this week's My Grazing week and today he's analyzing the results of his AMS KPI project.

Young Farmer: Meet Patrick Mc Carthy, the 34-year-old Ag graduate, now grass and Macra-mad and running a dairy farm on over 105 acres.

Cork native Patrick McCarthy has been running the family farm for over 13 years now, since taking the reigns from his father back in 2004.

My Grazing Week: Autumn 11 - The AMS with Grazing

Was switching systems worth it? Andrew discusses the advantages of using the AMS system with grazing.