Are dairy calves shot in the UK? A TV report says so.

A recent episode of Countryfile has landed themselves in hot water, with a recent exposé claiming dairy bull calves are shot at birth.

My Grazing Week: Autumn 2

On this week's My Grazing week, Andrew Walsh is back and tells how they gain more from a cows first lactation.

Glanbia announce fixed price milk supply agreement

Glanbia have announced a plan for a 5 year fixed price milk supply agreement.

€250,000 fund to drive energy efficient technology on dairy farms

The new scheme will focus on upgrades to existing milking equipment.

Watch: Thatsfarming at the Tullamore show!

Plenty of fun, and big crowds gathered in record numbers in Tullamore yesterday for the annual agricultural show.

Young Farmer: Meet Eoin Moriarty, raised on a dairy farm, now farming his own herd and flock at 24!

Kerryman Eoin Moriarty hails from the Curragraigue region of South East Kerry, a local GAA star, now running his own herd of cattle and flock of sheep. Pictured on Right above.

You'll never guess what a kind hearted farmer has done to save his cattle

A very compassionate farmer has chosen to save his herd from slaughter by sending them to an animal sanctuary in the UK.

Interview: Joe Healy President of the IFA, and now member of the FBD board of directors.

With Joe Healy's recent appointment to the FBD board of directors, we spoke to Joe and Profiled him and his work in the industry. 

Opinion: Milk Price gap means the whole dairy sector needs to sit down and take a good look at itself

Stuart shares his thoughts on the dairy crisis and asks just what the hell are we doing?

Soya later. Milk alternatives movement coming under fire worldwide

Soya milk, almond milk, rice milk the list goes on but one thing they all have in common is the use of the word milk. Well now people and farmers globally are calling on industry to stamp out the use of the term milk by these milk alternatives after

My Grazing Week: On ABC Grazing

Andrew is back with the next installment of My Grazing Week and milk yield is starting to decline.

Dairy Update: Irish 14th in EU milk price list, new course set up to attract workers to industry

Ireland are 14th on the list of EU Milk prices, while a new pilot course has been set up in a bid to tackle the labour shortage problem facing the dairy industry.

Young Farmers: Meet Tomas Moore, A Man with with no dairy experience now milking over 420 cattle

On this week's young farmers edition we spoke to Tomas Moore a man with a beef background now milking over 420 cattle.

News Down Under: Western Australia's Largest Milk Producer plans to triple production.

One of Western Australia's largest milk producers has announced plans to triple its milk production.

Dairy farmer found naked and screaming for help

A dairy farmer was found in his yard naked and screaming for help. 

Mastitis detection system could eliminate the disease

A new mastitis detection project has been put into the development stage, and could help eliminate the problem for many farmers.

The Fair Deal scheme: Farmer's being left high and dry?

Recent news reports have said that the proposed fair deal scheme changes, submitted years ago, are unfair to small businesses. We met with one farmer facing troubles, and Maura Canning of the IFA also gave us an update.