Dairy Update: The battle against Foot rot

On this week’s Dairy update, we help tackle the nuisance problem that is Foot rot.

Young Farmer: Joseph Hughes

This week, Kevin spoke to dairy AND sheep farmer, Joe Hughes, from near Carnew in Co. Wicklow. Joe not only milks cows on the daily, but also keeps sheep and is a long-standing Macra member.

Young Farmer: Brendan Keane

Brendan Keane is 26-years-old and loves farming that much, that not even Spinal bifida will stop him! He always dreamed of making it into agriculture and now helps as many others as he can.

Video: Being Brilliant at the Basics – Calf Comfort

Interchem Ireland and That’s Farming bring you the next episode of Being Brilliant at the Basics and this week we’re covering calf comfort.

Dairy Update: Maximizing Grassland Potential

In this week's update we take a look at grassland management and just why its so important.

Young Farmers: Meet Young Farmer, William Mulcahy, 21 and helping milk a herd of over 120 cattle in East Cork.

As part of this week’s installment, Kevin caught up with William Mulcahy, a young dairy and former grassland student of the year.

Machinery Mondays: Dairy farmers tells of the benefits of Zerograzing

On this week’s Machinery Monday Installment, we speak to Dairy Tim Mannion and hear all about how the Zerograzer has helped improve his farm.

Weird Sheep Breeds: The British Milk sheep, the breed almost wiped out in 2001.

On this week’s feature, we focus on the British Milk sheep, which was almost wiped out in 2001.

Dairy Update: Tips on what to do after calving

This week's Dairy Update focuses on the top tips for after calves arrive on the farm.

Young Farmer: Introducing Shane Corbally, an assistant farm manager from Co. Meath with over 360 cattle.

This week Kevin speaks to Shane Corbally, who is helping run a herd of over 360 cattle.

Body Condition And Nutrition; Final installment - Overall guide to body condition scoring.

On the final installment of this five-part series, David gives us a roundup of all the different scores in body condition.

All things Haulage: Introducing Nyall Glynn, the 26-year old, third generation, hauler from Moone Co. Kildare.

Nyall is a hauler from Moone near Athy Co. Kildare, though this is not his only career.

Body Condition and Nutrition: 2.5 vs 3.0

On this week’s video series, David is back and showing us the difference in body conditions.

Dairy Update: Body Condition after calving

This week's Dairy update is all about the importance of ensuring your cattle have a good body condition score after calving. It could, as you know, affect milk production!

AgriBiz of the week: Meet the dairy farmer, taking over the Agri-Food sector

In this week’s Agri Biz of the week, we speak to Alan Kingston of Glenilen Farm from Drimoleague, Co. Cork.