Best of the week: The dancing milkman!

WE get great videos and pics sent to us every week. Here's this week's most popular video.

Dairygold announce January milk price increase

Dairygold have announced they will increase their January milk price.

My Grazing Week 21 on ABC robotic grazing

Andrew Walsh is back with the popular series and 40% of his spring cows have calved.

Feature: My Grazing Week 20 on ABC robotic Grazing

Check out the latest report from Andrew and James Walsh's popular series, based on their Wexford farm - This week, Andrew is telling us what information is important to focus on:

Farmers Diary: Calving down, spreading and fixing up the dairy with Brian

Brian Joyce is a dairy farmer and is busy calving down this week. He's also turning his hand to some slurry spreading a big importance at this time of year.

My Pedigree Week: Calving down the next generation

Edward Dudley is busy with the first set of twins born on the farm.

Young Farmer Series: Darren the AI Tech & Fulltime Farmer

As part of our Young Farmer series, we chat to Darren, who works on his Cork dairy farm while working as an AI technician too:

Video: Being Brilliant at the Basics – Calf Comfort

Interchem Ireland and That’s Farming bring you episode four of Being Brilliant at the Basics and this week we’re covering calf comfort.

Personality Quiz: Are you the ultimate dairy farmer?

Its Sunday so that means its personality quiz time! This week are you really a dairy farmer? Take the quiz and let us know.

Feature: My Grazing week 18 on ABC Robotic Grazing

Andrew Walsh is back with the popular feature and he’s busy calving.