Young Farmer: Brian Hall

Clare man, Brian Hall, always harboured hopes of getting into agriculture and now is the farm manager of a dairy operation in the heart of Co. Clare. Read his story in full below!

Dairy Update: Cow with displaced abomasum this week!

More slurry has gone out this week on Louise's farm, with the search on for more silage to purchase. Read all about it below!

Young Farmer: Aran Connell

This week, Kevin spoke with Cork-based dairy farmer, Aran Connell, who is in a farm partnership with his father in the challenging region that is Mizen Head. Upon his return home, he increased the herd size to 140-head from only 50 cattle. Read more

Dairy Update: Fodder shortage continues, Mastitis and battle for grass

This week, more calves are sold on Louise's farm as they also battle to source silage with cows still housed, Brian meanwhile manages to get slurry out with four cows left to calf. Read about their week below!

Dairy Update: Battle to get slurry out

More calves born on the farms of Brian and Louise as they look to get slurry and fertiliser out, to try and get grass growth up.

Young Farmer: Aaron Ryan

On this week’s Young Farmer series, Kevin spoke to Limerick native Aaron Ryan, who hails from a dairy beef background, but never planned on farming. It took a move to New Zealand for this to happen. Read his story in full below!

Weird Cow Breeds; The Gir

The Gir is one of the best dairy cattle in the world and have produced a record 3182kgs per lactation!

Dairy Update: What’s on the agenda this week?

Every week, we get updates from the of Brian Galvin and Louise Crowley. Find out what happened this week, by reading below!

Dairy Update: More from Brian’s and Louise’s farm.

What happened on the farms of Brian Galvin and Louise Crowley the past week? Whats on the agenda for the coming week? Read it all below!

Young Farmer: Jim Moore

Kilkenny man Jim may only be twenty years old, but he knows what he is doing when it comes to dairy farming. Helping his father milk 120 cattle near Tullaroan, read his story below!

Dairy Update: Whats going on in farms across Ireland?

It's back and it's been remastered. From now on, the dairy update will involve updates from dairy farms from across the country. Read what happened this week below!

All Things Haulage: Richard Neary

This week, Kevin speaks to Tipperary native, Richard Neary, to find out all about his career in haulage.

Young Farmer: Donal O’Callaghan

Kevin caught up with young dairy farmer Donal O’Callaghan, who is 27-years young and milking a herd of over 200 cattle, in Watergrasshill, the rebel county, Cork.

Personality Quiz: Are you the ultimate dairy farmer?

Its Sunday so that means it's personality quiz time! This week are you really a dairy farmer? Take the quiz and let us know.