Editorial: Animal Welfare is at the heart of farming to ignore it is to hurt everyone

Thats Farming Editor John Connell shares his thoughts on the animal welfare breach in Ballina mart this week.

Three arrested as sheep found in boot

Three men have been arrested after a sheep was found badly injured in the boot of a car.

Sour Grapes as farmer awarded €4.67 million for crop loss after neighbours spraying

A farmer has been awarded almost €5 million in court, after loss and damage to his crops caused by a neighbours spraying.

Heartland: Drugs in rural Ireland, are we in the middle of an epidemic?

The news feeds have been flooded as of late with stories of drugs busts galore, does this mean we are in the middle of a drugs epidemic?

Monsanto sold banned chemicals for years despite known health risks

Global ag giant Monsanto are back in the headlines after a document revelation has revealed that it continued to produce and sell toxic industrial chemicals for years despite the known health risks to public.

Calf shot dead by intruders

A calf has died after it was shot by an intruder on a farm on Sunday.

Farmer in Shock, as sheep killers escape charge

A farmer has been left bitterly disappointed after police failed to prosecute the people who stole and killed his sheep.

Drones: Can I shoot down one on my land?

Can you shoot a drone that's trespassing on your land? We take a look.

Farmer faces Teleporter Murder charges

A Kerry man has appeared in court, charged with the murder of a neighbour using a teleporter.

Cattle struck by trespassing vehicle in field

An investigation is underway into an incident which occurred on a farm in Kilkenny.

Attempted Quad Hi-jacking in Belfast

An appeal for witnesses has been made after an attempted hijacking in Belfast on Thursday.

Quad Hit and Run

A pedestrian has been injured after being struck by a quad last week.

€10,000 worth of tools stolen from Leitrim

A Leitrim Tool hire business had €10,000 worth of tools stolen from it’s premises.

Litter of puppies Drowned in Offaly

Six puppies have been found drowned in County Offaly

Thief admits theft of sheep worth €4,000

A young man, aged 23, has admitted to the theft of up to 70 sheep.

Man arrested after drugs found among Farm machinery

Gardaí have seized drugs hidden amongst machinery, worth up to €730,000.