Opinion: The Department are not facing facts when it comes to climate change

Green Party spokesperson on Agriculture and animal welfare Pippa Hackett shares her thoughts on climate change and farming and just why the department are failing small farmers.

Opinion: The climate is changing and we can't be left sitting on the fence after Donegal floods

Stuart discusses the recent floods in Donegal and the potential causes of the natural disaster.

Feed truck running on manure!

The first in the world; Cows are being fed by a truck that is powered on their waste.

Opinion: More than 550 dead-zones across the world today

Stuart Meikle gives his opinion on the growing number of dead-zones in the world and farmers taking the blame.

Spare a thought for India's farmers in the middle of a suicide epidemic.

India have been experiencing an extremely high suicide rate, put down to climate change.

TF Podcast: We need to get young people into the industry and get smart on climate change - James Healy New Macra President

In a wide ranging interview James Healy the New Macra President has shared his thoughts ont he future of farming in Ireland, his thoughts on climate change and attracting young people into the sector.

6,000 young dairy farmers needed to meet Foodwise targets

That's according to Macra President, James Healy, who spoke to ThatsFarming Editor John Connell, discussing climate change and the need for young farmers.

Genetically modified cattle may be solution to curbing emissions

Reprogrammed cows might provide a solution to methane problems.

Taxing Meat: Should we do it? The pros and cons

Yesterday a video was published by BBC news, featuring a farmer who thinks a tax should be introduced on meat products in a bid to save the environment.

It is time to recognize the issues facing Farming

Stuart Meikle discusses farming and the real issues facing it, climate change.

Government must compensate if slurry regulations imposed.

Michael Fitzmaurice TD says that if proposals for change in slurry regulations occur that compensations must be paid.

Claire Byrne and The Climate change debate

Is methane the real cause of Climate change? We look at the hot topic discussed on last nights Claire Byrne Live show.

£50million investment delivers Ireland’s largest solar farm

Ireland’s largest solar farm has become operational and is delivering enough energy to power almost 14,000 homes.