Weird Cow Breeds: Heck Cattle

What the ‘heck’ are Heck cattle? They are a German breed, developed by two brothers, causing significant controversy in the process. Read about them below.

Tuesday Quiz: Are you a Kerry cattle expert?

It is Tuesday so that means only one thing! It's quiz time this week its Kerry cattle the rare but famous animal. Take the quiz and let us know if you are an expert!

Weird Cow Breeds: The Beefalo

Sometimes accidents can bring greatness, such as the accidental crossing of the American Bison and regular cattle. The result, The beefalo!

Tuesday Quiz: Are you a Shorthorn Cattle expert?

Prove it here! If you get more than 8 right in this Shorthorn cattle quiz, let us know:

Dairy Update: The battle against Foot rot

On this week’s Dairy update, we help tackle the nuisance problem that is Foot rot.

Beef Round-up: Choose the Right Breed for your farm

Every aspect of your farm needs to be examined to ensure the best possible outcome and profit.

Tuesday Quiz: Are you a Wagyu Expert?

It's Tuesday so that means one thing; Quiz Time! This week its that popular and tasty breed Wagyu, but how well do you know them?

Weird Cow Breeds: The Vosgienne, the mountain-dwelling, beautiful Swedish dual-purpose breed which can walk for miles.

On this week’s Weird Cow breeds, we have one of the most beautifully marked bovine breeds going, the Vosgienne.

Being Brilliant at the Basics - Calf Health Check

Interchem Ireland & That's Farming bring you the next episode of Being Brilliant at the Basics - This week it's the Calf Health Check, a must know for every farmer!

Tuesday Quiz: Are you a Belgian Blue Expert?

Fancy yourself an expert on these muscled beasts? Test your knowledge here. If you get 8 out of 10 right, let us know!

Weird Cow Breeds: The Tarentaise, the hardy breed, capable of living in the Alps!

The Tarentaise is known for having been mixed less than other breeds in France and can strive in the toughest of conditions.

Tuesday Quiz: Are you an Irish Moiled Cattle Expert?

Are you an Irish Moiled Cattle expert? It's a rare breed special this week. Take the test and let us know.

Personality Quiz: Are you a Calving Expert?

With Calving just around the corner on many farms, check out this quiz!

Weird Cow Breeds: The Maine-Anjou, with bulls up to 1,400kgs!

This week, we are again in France, profiling the muscular Maine-Anjou.

Tuesday Quiz: Are you a Friesian Cattle Expert?

We bet you can't get 10 out of 10 right in this Friesian cattle quiz. Let us know how you did in the comments!