Weird Cow Breeds - The Fjäll

A traditional Swedish dairy breed, the Fjäll was almost driven into extinction in the 1970’s. Thankfully the dairy breed still thrives. Read all about them below!

Dairy Update - Copper deficiencies, Red water, Maize sowed and Silage Prep!

Preparing for silage, Red water, Meningitis, dividing herd by performance, sowing maize and GDT results. All on this week's Dairy update. Read it below!

Weird Cow Breeds: The Aure et Saint-Girons

Otherwise known as the Casta, The Aure et Saint-Girons is an endangered French breed of domestic cattle and this week’s featured breed. Almost wiped out of existence in the 80’s, Read all about it below.

Weird cow Breeds: The Argentine Criollo

A dual-purpose breed, developed in Argentina, the Argentine Criollo is thought to have been first brought by Columbus on his maiden travels to America. Read more about the breed below.

Weird Cow Breeds: The Braford

This week, we profile the breed which was developed after the successful crossbreeding of Hereford and Brahman cattle. The result, the Braford. Read all about it below!

Weird Cow Breeds: The Maremmana

The Maremmana hail from Italy, though there are suggestions that it descended from Asiatic grey cattle, though nobody truly knows. Read more about the breed below!