World's most widely used insecticides may be banned in EU to save bee's

Europe may soon have a total ban on the globe’s most widely used insecticides to prevent bee deaths.

TF Podcast: Vito Buonsante on protecting our bee's from collapse

Author and lawyer Vito Buonsante joins the TF Podcast to talk his recent report into breaches of EU pesticide bans leading to colony collapse in bee's.

Bees on the brink again as pesticide bans are misused and breached

International laws being outwitted by big industry to the detriment of Europe's bees.

Supermarkets begin donating spilled sugar to beekeepers!

Some supermarkets in Britain have begun donating spilled sugar from broken bags to beekeepers!

News Down Under: The Manuka Honey battle

An interesting war of words is occurring down under between New Zealand and Australia over the popular medicinal honey Manuka. Kallee Buchana has the full story.

Women in Ag: Fancy a share in an Irish Hive?

Meet Ailbhe, whose hives and organic meat & veg on Brookfield Farm are reconnecting consumers with the land:

Sunday Feature: Saving pollinators is easy, living without them would be much harder

The status of our pollinator species should be of deep concern to farmers and rural dwellers, as without them we would be unable to produce much of our food.

Do You Know The Importance of Bees In Agriculture?

Following todays announcement that a group has formed to address the ongoing reduction in the bee population, we look at the importance of bees and what you might not know!