Beef Roundup: Rearing dairy calves for beef

Cormac Duffy is back with our popular feature and this week he's taking a look at a topical issue raising dairy calves for beef. Can it be done?

Editorial: It all comes down to money; the suckler welfare subsidy

Editor John Connell shares his thoughts on the proposed suckler subsidy scheme.

Young Farmer series: Meet Michael a 23 year old champion showman and 4th gen farmer

Michael Martin is not your typical 23 year old farmer, champion show man, 4th generation farmer and procurement manager with Liffey meats he's a bright star for the new generation.

Video: Suckler subsidy scheme yes or no?

Caroline Keane reports on the proposed €200 a head suckler welfare scheme.

Poll: Do you think there should be a suckler subsidy payment?

Minister Creed has ruled out the IFA's €200 a head plan to help Ireland's suckler farmers. What do you think?

Tuesday Quiz: Are you a wagyu expert?

It's Tuesday so that means one thing; Quiz Time! This week its that popular and tasty breed wagyu. But how well do you know them?

Young Farmers Series: Meet Donal who’s running a livestock B&B on his 50 hectare farm

Donal Glennon is this week's young farmer and this Meath man is some operator!

Beef Roundup: Getting the best quality grass for the upcoming year

Cormac Duffy is happy its Spring but it means lots of work lies ahead including getting the best quality grass for his cattle.

Poll Results: 100% think that hormone-raised beef should not be allowed to be sold in the EU.

We asked how you felt about using growth hormones in cattle; here's what you had to say:

News Down Under: Beef prices to stabilise as Australia rebuilds its herd.

Kallee Buchanan explores how the Australian beef herd is starting to fight back:

Farming Frontline: Live Exports - A vital national interest?

"It appears nobody paid attention to the consequences of a major increase in the supply of beef cross cattle from the dairy herd":

Young Farmers Series: Meet Ronan, the Beef-to-Dairy Convert

“I didn’t get into farming to get rich,” says Ronan, this week's Young Farmer. Check out how he converted his family farm from beef to dairy:

Organic Farming: Bernadine and James, the Organic B&B!

At Coolanowle House, food is produced and processed by Bernadine and James, then fed to their many B&B guests while keeping prices fair for fellow farmers: