Beef Roundup: Where will our beef go?

We have always let someone else worry about the marketing and selling of our beef - But what if there is no market with Britain? Cormac Duffy takes a look

Beef Roundup: The importance of Fertilizer

Cormac is back with Beef Roundup and this week he is looking at that all important job; fertilizing.

Poll Results: 97% want Brazilian beef banned from EU

The people have spoken and spoken loudly with 97% of polled voters calling for a ban of Brazilian beef from the EU.

Farming groups and TD’s unite in call for Brazilian beef to be banned

Farming groups including the ICSA, ICMSA and TD’s have called for an immediate ban on Brazilian beef following the revelations of the rotten meat scandal.

Opinion: Get this crap out of Europe: Brazilian beef must go

It's time to pick sides and we need to support our beef farmers and let the world know that Brazilian beef is crap.

Beef Roundup: Where will our beef go!

Opening of new markets good but what and where have they been looking and what will it mean for the Irish beef farmer - Cormac Duffy takes a look

Beef Roundup: Getting ready for your stock turnout

Believe it or not it will soon be time to let stock out. In this week's Beef Roundup Cormac takes us through a quick check list for the big day.

Creed launches €3.75 million Bord Bia beef and lamb campaign for Far East

The Minister launched the campaign today which is aimed at promoting Irish beef and lamb to the far East including China.

Beef Roundup - Feeding Dairy Calves for Beef

After last week’s beef round up, focusing on dairy calves, this weeks beef round up, we will take a look at feeding our dairy calves.

My Pedigree Week: Keeping up with Kilsunny

Edward Dudley brings us news from his pedigree herd including the birth of a lovely heifer calf from his Hereford show cow.

Beef Roundup: Rearing dairy calves for beef

Cormac Duffy is back with our popular feature and this week he's taking a look at a topical issue raising dairy calves for beef. Can it be done?