Weanling Bulls up to €1,480 in Balla

Great sale in Balla on Tuesday 5th, with over 1,000 weanlings on offer.

Bullocks up to tops of €1,850 in Balla Mart

A high number of heavy cattle in Balla on Saturday, with bullocks making up to tops of €1,850.

Bullocks up to €1,795 in Balla

Good sale in Balla last Saturday, with a lot of heavy cattle on offer.

Young Farmers Series: Meet Cavan’s multi-talented Craig Lovett!

Catherina travelled to Aurivo Balla Mart, Co. Mayo, to meet Craig Lovett, a new man on the livestock mart scene!

Balla Mart Report Sat 8th

On Saturday the 8th of July the sale was held at Balla mart, and heifers made up to €3.16 p/kg.

Balla Mart Report July 1st

Heavy heifer prices up by E40 this week in Balla mart.

Department employee convicted of assault of farmer.

A Department of Agriculture employee has been convicted of assault on a farmer.

Balla Mart report July 15th

Very good trade on lighter heifers in Balla last week, with animals for export making up to 3.10 p/kg.

Balla Mart report June 17th

Bullock and heifer prices strong in Balla, with heifers up €20-€30.

Balla Mart Report June 10th

Bullock prices hold well in Balla, while heifer prices are up by €20-€40 or an average of €3.00 p/kg.

Balla Cattle Mart June 10th

Heifers up by 20-30 euro in Balla Mart On sat June 10th.

Balla Cattle Mart report June 3rd

Saturday June 3rd saw another great trade at Balla, with over 200 lots of heifers on offer.

Balla Mart Report 27th May

Great trade again in Balla this week, with prices holding up well and cows making excellent prices.

Balla Mart report: over 800 cattle on offer this week, with 300 heifers

Over 800 lots of cattle on offer in Balla this week with over 300 heifers.