News Down Under: Chinese buying vast land areas need to be stopped

Calls have been made to implement harsher foreign ownership rules, as China continue to increase its stakes in Australia.

Farmers in Australia’s red centre battling drought forced to move cattle

Farmers in Australia’s red centre of Alice springs are counting the costs as the longest dry spell on record continues to hit there.

Vets say poor practice leading to animal deaths on live export ships

A group of vets opposed to live export have said that poor practices on board ships lead to needless animal deaths.

Weird Cow Breeds: The Droughtmaster, the master of the Australian sun!

This week on Weird Cow Breeds we profile the Droughtmaster, the original Australian creation.

Irish Vet baffled after failed English exam needed to stay in OZ

An Irish vet Louise Kennedy is in hot water after she failed an English exam needed to stay in Australia.

News Down Under: Western Australia's Largest Milk Producer plans to triple production.

One of Western Australia's largest milk producers has announced plans to triple its milk production.

Fox cull in Australian state has killed over half a million

The figures are rather gruesome and the facts astounding. 500,000 foxes scalped.