Horse Guide: Tackling Sweet itch

In our new weekly segment, we will cover all things horses. Horse treatment, breeding, and general life care for your horses.

Lambs soar to €135 in Kilkenny mart

Smaller sale in Kilkenny this week as lamb trade remained firm.

Ennis Mart Market report July 13th

Bigger sale than normal in Ennis last Thursday, as some bullocks made up to €2.81 per kg.

Best of the Week - Funnier videos you will not find!

On this week's Best of the Week, we have some of the funniest videos form the week....And they are funny!

Friday Funnies: Don't have a cow man!

On this week's Friday Funnies, we stick to the Cow theme. Let me tell you, we haven't milked it, its hilarious!!

Roscommon Mart sheep Prices – July 12th

Smaller numbers in Roscommon last week, as breeding hoggets make up to €170 per lot.

Sheep Guide: A guide to White Muscle Disease

On this week's Sheep guide we look at White Mouth disease, it's causes and how to prevent it.

WATCH: Fairy farmer- Ireland's Most mysterious farm?

This farm in Galway lays the solid claim for being one of the most mystical places in the country.

Meet Ireland’s largest donkey and Ireland's fastest!

A man has laid the claim of having Ireland's Biggest Donkey is available for stud on Donedeal.

Thought Cows were not smart?Eat your words!!

Have you thought cows had nothing going on between the ears? well prepared to be proven wrong!

Friday Funnies

What more can I say than this week's installment is priceless, If you don't laugh at these you need your head checked!!

Personality Quiz: Which cow breed best suits you??

Find out which cow breed best suits your personality with this nifty little quiz.

What celebrity farmer are you?

Find out which celebrity farmer your a closest match to with our fun little quiz.

Sheep Sale Roscommon Mart– Wednesday June 14th 2017

A larger entry of sheep this week in Roscommon with tops of €125 in the spring lamb ring.

Thats Farming Best of the week

Check out some of the best videos and pictures we received in this week.

Friday Funnies

Check out these hilarious pictures and videos we received this week.