TF Podcast: Pat Deering TD 'East is the way to go for Irish Agri produce'

Pat Deering Chairman of the Dail Agriculture Committee joins us to talk about that Brexit report and the need to secure new markets for Irish produce.

Analysis: Foodwise 2025 confined to the scrapheap; Department recommends Post-Brexit Strategies in new report

Tom Jordan provides some key analysis into the FoodWise 2025 report and the recommendations from the Dail committee on Agriculture.

News Down Under: Backpacker tax deal leaves Aussie farmers breathing easier.

As part of a new feature we bring you a regular farming story making headlines down under.

Farm Hacks: Bring a dry cow to her milk

As part of our new series Farm Hacks we bring you the best tips for your farm.

“We can't let the rivers die on our watch.” River Lee Activists Hoping to Return Salmon

Local groups are calling for direct intervention to return salmon to the waters of the famous river Lee.

Live from the American Campaign trail with Thats Farming

That's Farming correspondent Peter Geoghegan brings us an update live from the American campaign trail just days ahead of the nations Presidential vote.

CETA signed after 7 years of negotiation

The CETA trade agreement has been passed.

Opinion: Budget 2017: A Missed Opportunity

Tom Jordan shares his two cents on Budget 2017 and what it was all about.

Budget 2017 the rumours and what we have heard and read.

Its budget day and we bring you what we know and have heard before the Minister presents today.

State of Nature Report Blames Agriculture for Wildlife Decline

Tom Jordan has been looking through the 2016 State of Nature Report and shares his views with us.