Dog Guide: Gastric Torsion in your pet.

On this week’s Dog Guide it’s another illness, this time Gastric Torsion.

Friday Pub Quiz - Week 2

The all-new Friday Pub Quiz is back, are you up for the challenge?

*New Series* : Body Condition and Nutrition - Part One

This week is the start of our all-new five-part series, offering you advice on body condition scoring in cattle.

Coillte Investigation Continues: Member of public comes forward to share his difficulties.

The investigation continues, as a member of the public has confirmed to us some of the difficulties he faced when dealing with Coillte.

Sunday Feature: The Mountbellew Ag College Experience

This week as part of the Sunday Feature, we met some of the students at Mountbellew agricultural college.

Dog Guide: Hypothermia in Dogs

This week, with the weather getting colder, we look at Hypothermia and how to prevent and spot it in your dog.

Times Past: The foot and mouth outbreak that rocked the country.

On this week’s Times Past, we look at the devastation to the farming community during the outbreak that shook 2001.

News Down Under: Meet the 28-year-old man farming over 8,000 cattle

This week on News Down under, meet the 28-year-old who now manages a farm of over 8,000 cattle.

Horse Guide: Preparing for Winter Part 2- Outgrazing

This week on Horse Guide it’s all things winter prep, as we look at outgrazing during winter months.