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Farm Hacks - More Home remedies to cure your stock!

This week, the focus is back on animal health and husbandry and how you could save yourself some much-needed cash, through homemade treatments. Read some of them below!

Dairy Update: Choosing culls, Sowing beet, Zerograzing and more!

This week on Brian's farm they look at culling some of the herd, while also trying to get zerograzing. We also have a new addition this week, with Aran battling to get sugar beet sown.

All Things Haulage: James Conway

James Conway got into haulage to continue his father’s legacy and to do him proud. Not only does James work in haulage and help out on the family farm, but he also does great work for a local charity as well as running his own business.

Video - Dairy Farmer Increases Milk Yields By 8% with Eornagold

Dan and Bernie were looking at ways to improve efficiency in their dairy herd, step forward Specialist Nutrition and their Eornagold product. Watch the video to find out more about the product or read more below!

Weird Cow Breeds: The Braford

This week, we profile the breed which was developed after the successful crossbreeding of Hereford and Brahman cattle. The result, the Braford. Read all about it below!

Going for Goats: The Beetal

The Beetal breed originates in the Punjab and Haryana regions of India and Pakistan and to say they are unique-looking would be an understatement. Read all about the breed below!

Dairy Update: Fodder shortage continues, Mastitis and battle for grass

This week, more calves are sold on Louise's farm as they also battle to source silage with cows still housed, Brian meanwhile manages to get slurry out with four cows left to calf. Read about their week below!

Weird Cow breeds: Pineywoods cattle

This week, we profile they descendants of Spanish stock left along the Atlantic and Gulf coast of America, the Pineywood.

Dairy Update: Battle to get slurry out

More calves born on the farms of Brian and Louise as they look to get slurry and fertiliser out, to try and get grass growth up.

Sunday Feature: Camogie and Beef in Co. Kilkenny

On this week's Sunday Video feature, we went down to meet Kilkenny's Camogie All-Star, Edwina Keane.

Contractor of the Week: Kieran Galvin

Kieran Galvin spoke to Kevin this week and told him of how he set up his own contracting business at the age of 25, in the Gaeltacht region of Ballyferriter, Co. Kerry. Read it below!

'Pulling pork' from around the world: The Woolly Mangalica

As part of our all-new series about pig breeds, we profile the Hungarian, woolly, pig, the Mangalica.

Weird Cow Breeds: The Gelbvieh

We are staying in Germany this week, as we profile the Bavarian Gelbvieh.

The story of Blue Bell, Ireland's oldest cow?

We brought you the story last week of Ireland's oldest cow at 32, check out the video below and get the story first hand as we met Bluebell's loving owner.

Weird Cow Breeds: Heck Cattle

What the ‘heck’ are Heck cattle? They are a German breed, developed by two brothers, causing significant controversy in the process. Read about them below.

Farm Hacks: How to keep your drinking supplies, ice-free

This week it is all about ways to ensure your stocks drinking supply does not freeze over.