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Dairy Update: Tips on what to do after calving

This week's Dairy Update focuses on the top tips for after calves arrive on the farm.

Future Farming: Colorado farmers to trial hemp feed with livestock

Early in 2017 a bill was passed in Colorado, USA, which will now allow farmers to trial hemp feed on livestock.

Dairy Update: Top Tips For Housing Calves!

On this week's Dairy update, we look at some useful tips when housing calves.

Farm Hacks: How to keep your troughs, ice-free

This week it is all about ways to ensure your stocks drinking supply does not freeze over.

Dairy Update: Body Condition after calving

This week's Dairy update is all about the importance of ensuring your cattle have a good body condition score after calving. It could, as you know, affect milk production!

Dairy Update: Calf Diseases and how to prevent them

With newborns arriving every day, we give some tips on diseases in calves and how to prevent them.

Women in Ag: Meet Libby Clarke-There is nothing this woman can’t do!

Meet Libby Clarke- who juggles life on a family farm between judging cattle and breeding award-winning stock.

Sheep Guide: Lambing Part 2 - The Birth

This weeks sheep guide, is suitably about lambing and how to minimise problems while birthing.

Editorial – Buying Irish this Christmas makes you feel good and supports our struggling farmers

That's Farming editor John Connell waxes on buying Irish this Christmas and just what benefit it can make.