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Young Farmer - Peter Holland

On this week’s Young farmer series, That’sFarming’s Kevin speaks to Clones native and dairy and poultry farmer, Mr. Peter Holland. Read his story below.

Farmer Focus: Listakem Glen Farm

Catherina meets Dave Cummins who is a pedigree Angus and Simmental cattle breeder and a brand ambassador for Porterhouse Brewing Company and The Dingle Whiskey Distillery.

Weird Cow Breeds - Glan Cattle

Formerly a multi-purpose breed with bulls weighing up to 1,200kgs, there are now only approximately 2,000 specimens remaining, making Glan cattle among the rarest in the world. Read all about the breed below.

Talking Trade: More customers present for plainer cattle

Large entries of cattle were reported across the majority of venues, with a firm trade for quality types. More farmers were present at the ringside.

Contractor of the Week - Raymond Dale

On this week’s ‘Contractor of the Week’ feature, Kevin speaks to Monaghan man and third generation contractor, Mr. Raymond Dale. Read his story in full below.