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The Humanitarian impact of World Trade on Farmers

Farmers in Ireland and across Europe are operating high-cost systems but when the food comes to market it is under-priced. How is this so?

National Afforestation policy - Not in the best interest of young farmers says Macra

Macra Na Feirme have weighed in on the dangers posed by forestry for young farmers across Ireland.

Heartland: Rural Ireland needs us

In the first in a new series we take a look at the issues that matter in rural Ireland.

Future Farming: Glasshouses that generate their own electricity will change farming forever

Caroline reports on the breakthrough development of Glasshouse glass that produces its own electricity and how it will change farming as we know it.

News Down Under: Cutbacks affecting Aussie farmers biosecurity

Kallee is back with the popular news down under and this week biosecurity cutback are putting Australian farmers at risk.

TF Podcast John Comer ICMSA On Regional Vet Lab Closures

John Comer Presdient of the ICMSA joins us to talk about this week's protests over the proposed regional vet lab closures.

Tillage Farming: Sowing problems

Gary Roe is back with his tillage dairy but try as he might this week to get some sowing done Storm Doris and bad weather got in the way.

Minister announces Major trade visit to Gulf states

A 30 strong Irish agri business delegation are to set sail to Gulf states tomorrow as part of week long trade mission to promote Irish food and busines

Calves survive slurry tank disaster

4 calves were rescued from a slurry tank this week in County Tyrone.

Hill farming will become a thing of past without action conference hears

Hill farming is at risk of going the way of the dodo without new locally lead environmental schemes being introduce to make farmers lives easier a conference has heard.

Beef Roundup: Rearing dairy calves for beef

Cormac Duffy is back with our popular feature and this week he's taking a look at a topical issue raising dairy calves for beef. Can it be done?

Vets Corner: Calving the cow

It's probably the most common procedure but there's always something new to learn with calving a cow. '

“We were conned.” New hen harrier scheme will not redress land valuation losses for affected farmers

Farmers were made promises that land designated under hen harrier protection zones would be compensated for any loss in the value of their land. That hasn't happened as Tom Jordan has found out.