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10 ways you can tell when you’re kicking ass at farming

Its time for our ever popular 10 ways you can tell...and this week its all about kicking ass as a farmer!

Tuesday Quiz: Are you an Alpaca expert?

It's Tuesday so that means one thing! Quiz time. Here at That's Farming, we are spicing things up with a quiz on Alpacas!

Personality Quiz: Are you Irish and proud?

Are you Irish and proud on St. Patrick’s Day weekend? Take our personality quiz and see!

Paddys day Irish farm phrases as Gaelige

Some great Irish phrases to help you out around the farm today and make you feel like a proud Irishman and woman!

10 ways you can tell you’re from Rural Ireland

This week's 10 ways you can tell is for all your country folk! And what a list it is!

Personality Quiz: Are you an animal lover?

Here at, we love all creatures big and small! Here's a quiz to find out if you really are an Animal lover! Let us know how you got on!

10 ways you can tell you’re a sheep farmer

This one is for all the great sheep farmers out there.

Tuesday Quiz: Are you a speckle Park expert?

Its Tuesday so that means one thing! Quiz time. This week another rare breed special; Speckle park. Are you an expert take the quiz and let us know.

You've never seen a bunch of happier cows!

This video from Denmark shows just how happy cows can be! Don't believe us just give it a watch.

Just a minute Quiz Farming style!

1 minute to name Ireland's most popular cattle breeds. Can you do it? Its no that big of a list give it a go!

Personality Quiz: Are you a calving expert?

To celebrate the birth of the quads in Clare this week we have a special themed calving quiz this week. Are you a Calving expert?

10 ways you can tell you grew up on a farm

If you’re worth your salt you’ll be agreeing with most of these!

What happened to the New York bull who broke for freedom last night?

The New York bull who made a dash for freedom last night has had his journey come to an end.