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Friday Funnies: Silage Fails

On this week's Friday funnies we stick to the silage theme, seeing as the season is in full swing.

10 ways you can tell Farmers are just a bit different

Here are our 10 ways as to why farmers are just a tiny bit crackers! It's only a bit of a laugh.

Is it a Tiger? Is it a Rhino?Surely its not a cow!

We got this funny video sent into us from Ailish Powell on our snapchat, Have you ever heard the likes!

You think your a McHale know it all?

Test your knowledge of the history of Mc Hale with this tricky little trivia.

What celebrity farmer are you?

Find out which celebrity farmer your a closest match to with our fun little quiz.

Thats Farming Best of the week

Check out some of the best videos and pictures we received in this week.

Friday Funnies

Check out these hilarious pictures and videos we received this week.

10 ways you can tell you were a cow in your past life.

Find out the ten different ways you can tell that maybe you were a cow in a former life.

Just in "Case" you thought you were an expert!

Try out our fun quiz to see how your general knowledge on Case is.

Lion spotted in county Offaly

A Lion has been spotted in a field in county Offaly over the weekend. Check out the Video below to see the captured footage.

How would you get on in the AG Science Examinations?

With the Leaving Cert in full swing take our quiz to see how you would get on if you sat the Ag Science exam.

ThatsFarming Best of The Week

Check out some of the best Videos and pictures we received this week.

Friday Funnies: Fun Slurry bants

Take a look at some of the hilariously funny pictures we got in this week.

10 ways you can tell Farmings not for you

On this week's 10 ways you can tell we look at ten ways to tell that farming isn't for you.

Are you a Zetor Super fan?

Find out how well you know the famous Zetor tractor.

Personality Quiz: What sheep breed are you?

Find out what sheep breed best suits your personality with this Fun quiz!

Thats farming Best of The week!

Check out the funny videos we received this week. Definitely two of the best!!

Friday Funnies

This week we received loads of funny pictures and videos. Check out some of the top ones sent in this week.

We received this hilarious video this week.

We received this in from Jamesie Donnelly on Facebook....Hilarious to say the least!

10 ways you can tell... it's Silage Season

Check out our 10 ways you can tell its silage season.