All Things Haulage - Keith McDermott, MTS Haulage LTD

On this week’s haulage, Kevin speaks to Mayo-man and haulage-mad, Keith McDermott of MTS Haulage LTD. Read about how Keith got to where he is today below!

Weird Sheep Breeds - The Cotswold

One of the world’s rarest and most beautiful breeds, the Cotswold sheep are thought to have descended from Roman times. Read about the breed below.

Young Farmer - Kieran McDonagh

On this week’s Young series, Kevin speaks to Galway native, Kieran McDonagh, who helps run the family Suckler and sheep enterprise. Read his story below.

Weird Cow Breeds - The Blue Grey

On ‘Weird Cow Breeds’ this week we feature the Blue Grey cattle, which are the result of crossing Galloway cows with a Shorthorn bull. Read about the breed below.

Contractor of the Week - Thomas Wharton

On this week’s ‘Contractor of the Week’ series, Kevin speaks to the Tralee-based father and son contracting duo, Wharton Agri Contracting. Read their story below.

Pulling Pork - The Mora Romagnola pig

Known by many other names, or simply ‘Mora’, the Mora Romagnola is so rare that by 2012 there were just over 1,000 left in existence. Read all about this unique pig breed below.

Sheep Guide - Sheep 2018, fencing and further calls for rain

A trip to Sheep 2018 where an abundance of information was taken in, Fences replaced and further calls for rain. A busy week on the farm this week, find out what happened below.